Whether our staff have joined us from elsewhere in the UK or from Europe, we work hard to ensure that everyone is treated with equal respect. Here are testimonials from just a handful of the satisfied people we’ve employed through Butchery Plus at a variety of sites throughout the country.

When I decided to move to England to work as a butcher one year ago I was very confused, there was many different agencies to choose between and so many things that were about to change. On my arrival everyone from Staffline was very helpful. They took the time to explain things and helped me settle, also my fellow workers at the factory were brilliant, there’s a real sense of community over here. Today I am living with my family here, Staffline also helped to find work for my wife.  There is a Staffline manager here OnSite and they are always ready to help. Everything I was told would happen did. I’m happy still working for Staffline and I would recommend them to anyone.
Adam, Hull,
I already worked almost everywhere across Europe. A friend recommended I contact Staffline. Not only did they find me a job as a butcher, but they also found work for my wife at the same factory. Our children are studying in Poland and need financial support from us. Thanks to Staffline we have good jobs here and can afford to support their studying.
Ryszard, Hull,
I found out about Staffline from my friend who has worked for Staffline since 2011. I rang Staffline and they offered me a job. Now a few months later I’m really glad I met my friend and listened to his advice as now I’m always paid on time and treated with respect. Will definitely recommend to everyone, as Staffline always look after you.
Istvan, Spalding,
I’d been made redundant and unfortunately had no prospects in my home country. It was not easy to go abroad because I had to leave my wife and two sons in Hungary but I had no other choice. I rang my friend who lived in the UK and he gave my contact number to Staffline. I came to the UK at the end of 2012. After two months, my wife and sons came to live in the UK with me. Also my wife got a job with Staffline and now we feel safe and can secure a better future for our children!
Zoltan, Spalding,
I came to England with a hope of getting a job as a butcher and maybe bring my wife and son over here later on to establish a safe and decent life for all of us. I found the advert for Staffline on the internet and after speaking with the company representative, I thought I’d give it a try. To my biggest surprise, I’ve got much more than I expected!
“Everything went smoothly, I started work, got the money that was agreed and furthermore, I have been able to bring my family over as well. Staffline got a job for my wife straight away at the same factory, so we can even go to work together. Now, we’ve moved into a beautiful little house, our son has signed up for school and I’m applying for a line leader job.”

Robert, Colne,
I started working for Staffline as a slaughter man in Spalding a year ago, however it was too far away from my kids. I decided to ask the Staffline manager if there was any option to transfer somewhere nearer where my children live and unexpectedly they organised everything for me and now I have a brilliant job and can see my kids every weekend. I would recommend Staffline to anyone, they always find the way to help if you need it.
David, Hull,